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 The next unit is --> Kinetic Theory




GSIS Grade 8 Students, Welcome to Metrology!

8 Science: Semester 2 – Metrology (Mar. 30 ~ May. 1 approx.)


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Metrology objectives:

  • Explain and give examples of 4 basic dimensions: length, area, volume, object which exists through time [test]
  • Name and identify regular two dimensional shapes including: circles, triangles, rectangles and polygons (through hexagon) [test]
  • Name and identify three dimensional shapes such as rectangular prisms, cylinders, cones, pyramids and spheres [test]
  • Draw nets of assigned 3-dimensional shapes on graph paper or white unlined paper [test]
  • Determine volume and surface area of regular geometric shapes including: rectangular, triangular and circular prisms and spheres [test]
  • Draw assigned cuboids (rectangular prisms) and prisms correctly on blank, A4 paper using straight edge and compass [test]
  • Visualize apparent and "hidden" (ie. not visible) sides of three dimensional objects and drawings [test]
  • Creatively produce new shapes of objects from assigned components [building project]
  • Break down complex shapes into basic geometric shapes to determine their area and volume [building project] & [test]
  • See and explain the relationship between design requirements and cost [building project]
  • Identify and explain "elegance" in design [affective & maybe test]
  • determine SA/V ratio and explain significance in cells (biology) [test]
  • perform dimensional analysis to solve problems in one and multiple steps [test]





Date Assessment Name

% of unit grade

Instructions or details

4/2 (some classes) formative quiz #1


Bring scissors & ruler. You will draw assigned cubic shape on blank paper.



Scale Dimensioned Drawing


Drawing Details for scaled dimensioned drawing on unlined A4 paper

Scale Dimensioned Drawing Rubric

4/16 [not all classes] formative quiz #2 - Bring scissors & ruler. You will build assigned shapes to assigned dimensions.  
4/20 Building Project


Project Details Building Project Rubric
5/6 (Reimer)

Summative [test]: Paper  (30%)

& Practical (20%)




5/11 (Reimer)
Unit Reflection must be:

Podcast (wav or mp3 format)

-or- Movie (interview or drama-as .mov file or .wmv file)


Podcast Example (click to listen)

How to make your podcast GREAT (click to read)


• Rubric (Christiansen)


• Rubric (Reimer)





  • E block (Reimer) see table BELOW:





Day 1 Mar 26

Draw rectangular prisms & nets & make shapes from cubes

Day 2 Mar 30 Science Terms  & Drawing & Building 4 cube shapes
Day 3 April 1 [assembly - no class]
Day 4 April 2 Quiz #1,  "Seeing" faces
~Spring break ~
Day 5 Apr 13  Complex cubes & Building prisms
Day 6 Apr 15 [3 sketches due] cylinder calculations
Day 7 Apr 16 [A4 dimensioned sketch due] Building prisms to assigned volumes
Day 8 Apr 20 [PROJECT due] Peer grade projects.  Review SA & V calculation of pentagonal prism.
Day 9 Apr 22 Prime numbers; common factors; dimensional analysis (DA) intro (up to multi-step problems)
Day 10 Apr 23 DA two step problems; "Prima Numero"
Day 11 Apr 27 DA review; DA application to metric unit conversions
Day 12 Apr 29 Unit review
Day 13 Apr 30 practice test
Day 14 May 4 SA/V ratio; further revision
Day 15 May 6 Metrology Unit Summative
Day 16 May 7 Summative test; students make reflection rubrics
  May 11

Reflection due:  see Reflection Rubric (Reimer)

Podcast (avi or mp3 format)

-or- Movie (interview or drama-as .mov file or .wmv file)



































~ You can see photos of former projects here ~


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